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The Wessex Guild of Craftsmen







The Wessex Guild of Craftsmen is a group of crafts people from the Hampshire and West Sussex area that exhibit and sell their work at three or four Guild Shows each year as well as a Group in other Shows.

The objectives of the Guild are:-
• To Encourage and Promote Craftwork in Hampshire and West Sussex and adjacent Counties..
• To maintain an excellent Standard of Design and Workmanship.
• To promote the Commercial aspects of Members by organising Sales to the Public through Guild Shows.
• To foster good public relations.

Approximately one third of our full members are full time professional craftsmen, a third are part time professional and the final third are practicing their skills as a hobby for pure satisfaction of creating things of beauty.
The Wessex Guild of Craftsmen is strictly a member’s Guild managed by a small committee elected annually by the

The Guild Officers and Committee members are always ready to give advice and encouragement to a fellow craftsman in the spirit of the Guild's objectives.

Membership is limited to 45 and it is Guild policy to restrict the number of members with the same craft, thus maintaining a balanced variety of Skills and Crafts at Guild Shows.

It is a requirement of the Guild Constitution that all items exhibited or offered for sale at Guild Shows are made
substantially by The Guild Members themselves.

All full members are required to exhibit at a Guild-organised Show at least once a year.
As well as the Guild Shows we from time to time participate as a Guild in major Craft Events, often with the full
complement of the Guild membership participating.

Regular monitoring of member's work and the way in which it is presented ensure that the high standards of
workmanship, design and presentation are maintained.

Membership of The Wessex Guild of Craftsmen is therefore highly regarded in many circles as recognition of quality.
Within the Guild we award two Trophies each year, the first is for the Secretary’s Challenge where members enter a piece of work representing their interpretation of the Theme set by the Secretary, the second trophy is the Hocking Trophy presented to the member in recognition of the Quality of their Display Stand at Guild Shows over the year.

The Guild has a Web Site which gives information about all our activities and those of our members as well as a
member’s page giving information about each Craftsperson within the Guild and their Craft.

Our web site address is www.wessexguildofcraftsmen.co.uk
A Members Directory is published containing details of each of our members and this is freely available to the public at all Guild Shows.

If you would like to be considered for membership of the Wessex Guild of Craftsmen you should in the first instance
• Approach a Guild Member and discuss the Guild and your Craft.
• Visit our web site and download an application form Membership Application
• E-mail us with your details and we will contact you.
• Contact any of the Committee; details are on our Web Site or in the Members Directory.

The next phase is for the Committee to review examples of your Work which should be accompanied by a description of your Craft, the processes involved and an idea of Pricing, plus any other relevant information.
In some instances a review of your Work via a relevant Web Site may be possible.
Once your work has been viewed by the Guild we will inform you of the outcome, if your application has been successful then you would be invited to become a Full Member of the Wessex Guild of Craftsmen.

It is a condition of this application to join the Wessex Guild of Craftsmen that all the items submitted and those displayed
under the Guild Banner are designed and made by the applicant.

As a new Member you will be required to pay the following fees at the time of joining the Guild:
• Joining Fee, a one off payment, of £15:00
• Annual Subscription of £25.00

New Members joining the Guild after the 31st August and before the 31st of December will pay a reduced Subscription of £15.00 for that year.

The Annual Subscription falls due on the 1st January, those attending the AGM, which is held in January each year, can pay the Treasurer at this time otherwise payment must be received no later than 30th January.
If you would like to discuss the possibilities of becoming a Member of the Guild you can contact our Chairwomen Sheila Barrow at chairman@wessexguildofcraftsmen.co.uk.

We also invite applications from Junior [Under 18] Applicants which has different joining criteria and conditions, please contact Sheila as above if you fall into this category.

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