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  Kevin Blackburn              


My passion for drawing started in art class whilst at school, although I have never received any formal training I have practised techniques and experimented with different mediums throughout my life, and this has lead me full circle to graphite pencil with a small amount of charcoal for depth as my preferred choice for my work.

I was born and raised in Zimbabwe, and had a love of all creatures great and small with a menagerie of pets including cats, dogs, tortoises, hedgehogs, chicken and all things creepy crawly, as well as these animals I have been lucky enough to spend many happy days in the countries many national parks and on farms enjoying the wildlife and observing many of Africa’s majestic animals and birdlife in their natural habitat and surroundings.   I feel these experiences help me capture the life like sensation whilst creating my illustrations.

All my illustrations are done on acid free paper, so that your paper will stay white for life and not yellow with age.   All my illustrations are done with reference from my personal collection of photographs.  My reproductions are giclée prints, which are professionally created, to meet with the demanding standards of the Fine Art Trade Guild.  



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