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I have had a passion for clay since first doing pottery at school and after
a few career changes, and realising that I really wanted to work with clay,
I finally set up my ceramics studio in 1996. I currently live and work in
Portchester, Fareham.

Since then, I have been producing ceramics and selling through
exhibitions and galleries. I am also an adult education tutor, teaching
pottery day and evening classes in Southampton, Gosport and Fareham.

I enjoy making hand-built vessels, bowls and dishes and more recently
masks & figures by using coils & slabs in white stoneware clay. lf I am
smoke firing my work, I apply slip to the surface of the piece which I then
burnish to give a smooth, shiny finish. This is done before the first {bisque)
firing.The pieces are then fired in an electric kiln, and then smoke -fired in
sawdust, wood shavings or newspaper, I use various materials to resist
smoke, such as clay and masking tape, which makes patterns on the
surface of the pots. The pieces are then waxed to give them a deeper

As well as smoke-firing, I also enjoy producing Raku fired work. This is
where a glaze is applied to the piece, fired outdoors in a gas kiln then the
piece is removed from the kiln whilst it is red hot. The cold air hits the
glaze causing it to crackle. The piece is placed in a bin with sawdust which
makes the areas with no glaze go black and also causes colour changes
in the glaze.

lnspiration for my work comes mostly from natural forms such as plants and flowers but I also enjoy life drawing which helps to inspire the flowing, organic shapes in my ceramic pieces. I love the traditional pottery of Africa,
lndia & South America and am influenced by their style but try to give my work a contemporary feel by using bold patterns.