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Ella is a Hampshire artist specialising in screen printing. Ella first started screen printing whilst studying for her A level art at Peter Symonds College in Winchester. It is a technique that really inspired Ella and was used in her final piece for her A level.

Ella's artwork starts with her own photography. Ella loves taking pictures of the natural environment and uses these to create her artwork.

Screen printing process is all about building up layers of colour to create the picture. Each of these layers has its own stencil that is hand drawn on acetate. These are then transferred onto a screen using a photosensitive emulsion.

When the screens are all prepared the paint is mixed and is pushed through the screen, using a squeegee onto the paper. The lightest colour is printed first, building up to the darkest.

For each print run Ella aims to create limited additions of up to 20 prints. All are handmade, meaning no two pieces will be exactly the same.

Ella is keen to be as environmentally friendly as she can be, printing on 100% recycled card/paper and using British suppliers where ever possible. You can find Ella on Facebook at Ella's Garden Studio.